Vintage Vinyl ~ the new way to have the same look

Rugs are a nice touch to any room, they create a beautiful focal point or add that perfect amount of color to a space. Though they are a wonderful tool for decorators they also come with problems. Over time they can get worn down, hard to clean when an accident happens, holds a lot of hidden dirt and germs plus can be a trip hazard. We are excited to say that we are a dealer for Vintage Vinyl, a new way to have that perfect look. Beautiful, practical, and durable, those words describe this product perfectly. These vinyl coverings possess all the charm and class of traditional rugs but come without all the headaches. The corners don’t curl up, creating a trip hazard and they are durable for long lasting satisfaction. They are perfect for entryways, laundry rooms, dining areas, kitchens, nurseries, mudrooms, the possibilities are endless! So easy to clean makes these rugs a winner, never worry about having to rent those cumbersome rug cleaners again, below are a few of possiblities that await you. To see all of the options and styles available, you can come visit our showroom located in  Uptown Shelby or visit Spicher and Company .