Meet Stacey Walker

Stacey Walker is wife to Travis Walker, owner, and founder, of Walker Woodworking. Stacey has been with the company since 2006. In 2015 she had the vision to open a new showroom.  Through a series of events and a lot of patience, she was able to see this vision become a reality.

Read more about Stacey’s vision, found out her WHY and HOW! 

Diversifying Our Cabinetry Options

Through our connections, and other cabinet professionals we met at KBIS, the kitchen and bath industry show, I thought it was a great idea and time to introduce another line of cabinets. This was not an idea well received by Travis (as you could imagine). To make a long story short, after about a year of extensive research, we settled on a company that we found shared our same values in offering a quality product, integrity, and great customer service. But even more important, an outstanding value that allows us to pass along the savings to our clients who may not necessarily be looking to invest in the Walker Woodworking custom line.

Get to know Stacey

Watch Stacey share her story of how she got into design, came up with the idea for a showroom and what she is passionate about. You will learn how our years of experience can help you avoid mistakes and save both time and money.

The Showroom – WHY the Campbell Building in Uptown Shelby?

In late 2015, we were notified that one of our former clients and his wife had bought a building in uptown Shelby. The Campbell Building, which had sat vacant over the past twelve years. They approached us, and asked if we were interested in renting space from them. Travis and I were thrilled and at the same time scared of this prospect.  After careful consideration, and knowing I had a dream of opening a showroom one day, the deal was too good to pass up.  We knew it was going to be an expensive business investment and we were ready to take on the journey of making this vision a reality.  Sometimes the unexpected falls into your lap, and you embrace it! That is exactly what we did even though we really didn’t have any type of plan in place to make it happen.

As luck would have it, even though it didn’t seem like “luck” at the time, several construction delays slowed down the process.  This allowed us more time to plan our move, design the space, and do product research for items that we wanted to offer in our soon to be open showroom.  Fast forward to October 2018, we are preparing the move! After years of being a home based business, we are ready to take the next step into The Campbell Building which is now home to  Greenbrook Design kitchen and bath home center on the first floor. 

Branding – HOW would we brand the showroom?

From the very beginning, we wanted the showroom to stand apart from Walker Woodworking. Walker Woodworking was and still is our premier custom cabinet line which has built a great reputation, and this was not going to be distorted in any way!

The idea of re branding was much needed, so that people would realize we offer a multitude of products. We want to reach out to all prospective clients by offering not only the Walker Woodworking line of custom cabinets, but also introduce budget friendly cabinets as well as other home products including tile, counter-tops, lighting and eventually full design services. Branding the showroom has been a series of baby steps, with new logic and marketing strategies in place. The primary goal is to welcome everyone to visit our showroom, and to help prospective clients understand that we offer diversity in our products. Homeowners with large or small budgets are sure to find affordable quality products to fit their budget.  We understand not everyone is looking to build with high end custom cabinets and re branding the showroom was imperative to get this message across.

After much debate, and discussion we knew the showroom would not carry the “Walker” name, but agreed the name should have personal meaning. I left the naming up to Travis.  Even though this was difficult for Travis, his name had always been part of his company and this was not easy to give up. While visiting the emptiness of the Campbell Building one day, Travis and myself were discussing the options of naming the showroom.  We prompted each other with questions and suggestions, none of which seemed to be anything we agreed upon.  Travis continually said the name needed to have meaning, and with that came the question;  “What is meaningful to you Travis?” His answer without hesitation was Greenbrook Drive, that is where it all started, the family land that we all live on as well as the location of the oak tree cut from the family land used to make several of Travis’s first projects. It was from this simple question the name Greenbrook Design was derived.  A simple yet meaningful name that now made sense to us all.  Lastly, we want people to know that the showroom is a design center.  And that is how Greenbrook Design kitchen and bath home center came to be and the re branding began with a new name and logo.

Deep Roots & Growth

The logo, an oak tree, represents the first project Travis built from a fallen tree on Greenbrook Drive. It also represents his grandfather’s roots and new growth. A tree can only stand tall with deep roots to support it – Travis and Stacey are the fourth generations of relatives to live on the Greenbrook property.

The Greenbrook name and logo makes perfect sense.


I spend my time managing day to day operations, overseeing our marketing, sourcing new products for the showroom and doing design work with a limited number of clients. The design work is by far my favorite thing to do. Between working full time, running two businesses, raising two beautiful daughters and allowing myself family time away from a family owned business I am limited in the number of projects I personally take on. 

I welcome you to visit Greenbrook Design.